Etisk regelsæt

Jeg og min virksomhed HjerteDialog v. Knud Thorbjørn Hansen (cvr 16697796) følger som minimum:
Foreningen af Danske Psykoterapeuters (FaDP) etiske retningslinjer, samt
FaDP's regelsæt for god klinisk praksis (GCP)

Herudover har jeg et overliggende terapeutisk og etisk regelsæt, inspireret af den oprindelige Hippokratiske Ed.


As a Therapist, I solemnly swear that, I will:

1. Be merciful and never do harm.

2. Be sincere and compassionate and contained with those in my care.

3. Be truthful and speak up against violence, torture, exploitation, lies - and tolerate no bullying and unjust criticism and will defend colleagues against unjust actions.

4. Be protective and help the sick, the poor and protect those who are vulnerable, and cannot speak up for themselves.

5. Be silent when it is time to be silent, protecting the sacred oath of confidentiality.

6. Be enduring and always speak the truth and I will remain authentic in my relationship with clients and will act with integrity in dealing with other professionals.

7. Be respectful and respect the integrity of the persons with whom I am working, and I will not violate the physical boundaries of the client and will always provide a safe and trusting haven for healing.

8. Be wise and conduct regular inner studies, getting to know my abilities, limits and myself and seek to improve and expand my knowledge through continuing education and will keep my technical competency at the highest level in order to uphold professional standards of practice.

9. Be humble and ask for help when I need it, and acknowledge when I don't know something, and I will provide only those services for which I have had the appropriate training and experience.

10. Be courageous and give back, and strive to make my presence be a healing one in the world.

11. Be taking care of myself, so that I can take care of others.

12. Be promoting healing and well-being in my clients and place the client’s interests above my own at all times.

13. Be faithfull and trusting in the healing miracles and acting in accordance to "... not my will - but thine be done".

14. I will refrain from any conduct that would reflect adversely upon the organisations I represent and their ethical standards.

Knud Thorbjørn Hansen